Pre-Reservation will allow us to know who would like to teach/consult or learn from the categories as they are recorded. Due to our limited beginning team, the first to list and pay their $155 non-refundable enrollment deposit is bumped to the 'first to be contacted list'. All will be contacted by the 'first in line principle' as we finish one roomsite and can begin another.

You can also list for free your category that you would like to teach or learn at a future date. You will be notified when that subject is available or that there are students awaiting your class. Teachers / Professionals / Consultants / Artists etc. will fill-in a brief profile Then when you know students are waiting, you can make your financial commitment.

  • Please let us know what you would like to do.
  • The monthly membership fee of $38 only begins after your Virtual Roomsite is completed, except for those doing a six month site payment.  




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