What is the name of the technology employed in Vocal Yoga VY® exercises and from where does it originate?

Define Vocal Yoga VY®

In the 'Old school' of the Bel Canto tradition what was the age usually chosen to begin studies?

Where are the vocal chords anatomically situated?

Besides speech what is another important work for the vocal chords?

What supports the best vibration for strong articulate speech?

Is the voice a wind or string instrument?

Explain the importance of Sonar Memory.

What area of the body is considered the 'psychic hemisphere'?

From where did the principles of Bel Canto come?

Describe the function of the upper diaphragm.

Why are the hamstrings so important?

What did the great Bel Canto singer Caruso say was required to keep the voice in its best form?

What happens when the upper diaphragm opens and what happens when the lower diaphragm compresses?

the vocal chords are strong ligaments, when asked to 'attack sound' what does that mean?

What are the two most important jobs of the vocal chords?

Describe what the word 'yoga' means.

How do we strain our voice?

Where should the highest note and the lowest note vibrate?

What is the purpose of the Vocal Yoga VY® workout?

Why is tongue control so important?

How should the tongue be stretched?

Why did the Bel Canto singers of the past wear a belt across the opened upper diaphragm?

What is the average hold count for a singer of opera?

How many minutes a day can help you develop your vocal stability, power and sound?

are the two schools of the voice mentioned by Maitre Marion?

How can stage fright be overcome?

What is written on the 'Tony Award' around the mask of comedy and tragedy?