Introduction to Vocal Yoga VY®

      Understand what Vocal Yoga VY® is from this interview and how
      it might help you learn to be more confident in speech and better
      prepared in singing. This following talk is with Vocal Yoga VY®
      Founder, Clare Fanning, who designed this training in the
      Bel Canto Technique for healthier voices and bodies.

1.   What is Vocal Yoga VY®? See here (53 " seconds)

2.   You said that it is when the vocal cords are lowered and close
      naturally that you relate to your individual uniquene
ss. Explain.

      See here (62")

3.   Who is the target audience for Vocal Yoga VY®? See here  (60")

4.   How is it useful for the General Public?  See here (125")

5.   You said it is inspired by the old technique of the Bel Canto
      teaching so can you tell us more about that?
See here  (144")

6.   How are people learning? See here (100") 

7.   How long will it take to practice? See here (97")

8.   Is there a time when you reach a level where you don’t need to
      train a particular time but it’s becoming a new way of being in your
      body? See here

9.   Would you say more about this relationship between the voice and
mind? See here (332")

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    Vocal Yoga VY - 13 Jan, 23:51
    By definition, “ Vocal Yoga VY® is the silent strengthening and preparation of the inner and outer body 'pre-speech'. Vocal Yoga VY® silently helps the body movements to hold sound firmly while gradually leading the vocal chords towards the bottom of the throat, wherein lay the individual's fingerprint vocal personality and color."