• Course Description

    Vocal Yoga VY 101 is the guidebook, testing and the Five Basic Exercises required for those students who would like to then acquire more physical controls and asanas for personal development in Vocal Yoga VY 102. Both VY 101 Set & VY 102 Set are required classes for Vocal Yoga VY 103 - those who would like to be 'certified' to teach Vocal Yoga VY®.  All chapters are given either directly in class/online or emailed for study.

    Vocal Yoga VY 101 is composed of 12 classes they can be at your own pace.

    Classes require registration online at VocalYoga.net. Each exam requires 100% score which you re-answer after testing review online. The answer page number will be noted after first correction to help you. Everyone can do it. Classes are accessible online after registration.


    Self enrolment